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Our Resto-Mods comeback story is your story too. Every car can be tailored to your dreams. We don’t color inside the lines. Our services include brand new engine & body options, all new interior, and our own licensed chassis suspension system with readily available parts, so the everyday corner mechanic can work on your car if you can’t bring your car to us. 

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Our friendly staff will take you through the whole process in advance AND provide expert advice along the way. No detail is left to chance with us!

planning and

You will have a clear guide for all aspects of the resto-mod process and all options will be explained. We will always provide you with expert advice and knowledge on your car’s journey back to glory! Once the build sheet is complete and signed and the donor car is found, we get down and dirty — We’ll do whatever it takes to create your Limitless Auto Art Resto-Mod!


We offer a completely new body so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of old metal. Our bodies are put together with modern day technology and chemicals so it doesn’t rust as fast and will last you longer. Now, if there’s a sentimental attachment that’s not a problem, we can repair one that you bring us as well. Whether you want to cruise Ocean Drive or go Rock Crawling, we’ll build the truck you need.

paint and

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The Mechanical process is one of our personal favorites. After you tell us your dream, we will custom craft the automobile that will bring it to reality — from rock crawling & mudding to city & highway cruising, from the highest horsepower to most reliable transmission combo, manual or automatic. You need it, we‘ll achieve it.


We promise the paint job will be pretty but, we all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts especially when it comes to your new car! You will have an endless amount of options to choose from and once approved we’ll get started with the intricate construction of your custom interior, seamlessly blending modern tech into your classic vehicle.


Classic car “Connoisseur” or not, you can create your own resto-mod. Honestly, all you need is a dream of the car you want – we do the rest. We’ll steer you through the resto-mod process with expert guidance. We will document the transformation extensively by taking hundreds of photos. You’ll also be provided with monthly updates and build sheets for your vehicle. However, we are open 6 days a week and you are welcome to check in with us at any time. Once all the work is done and the tests have been run we will help you secure transportation for your new baby to its new home — but we’ll always be friends. Our Warranty covers the body and chassis bumper to bumper as well as standard manufacturer warranty on all new parts. 

 Our commitment to you doesn’t stop once your car is finished, we are here for you forever. While our custom tech does allow for a local mechanic to care for your vehicle, you’re always welcome to have them consult with us or speak with us yourself. 

 So, if you are looking to restore and modernize the classic Bronco or Defender of your dreams, then stop by Limitless Auto Art. We’ll take care of the rest.

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