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We did mention we love a good comeback story right? Juan (owner of Miami Auto Art) and Steven (Owning Partner of the Scotch + Bacon Group), met initially one February morning when Juan’s mechanics were washing some cars outside the garage which happened to be directly next door to the then neighborhood restaurant newbie, KYU, where Steven, the then Owner and General Manager. Their compatible personalities made them instant friends. After observing each other over time, it became clear that Steven’s charming demeanor and business savvy when paired with Juan’s mechanical artistry and expertise would make a dynamic business partnership. Steven eventually expressed to Juan that he really wanted to resto-mod a ford Bronco and honestly, the rest is history. The resto-mod was a beautiful success and they realized immediately these vehicles needed to be shared with the world. 

After further brainstorming Steven shared his love for Defenders as well, citing his Scottish upbringing as an influence. That’s when the team decided they wanted to focus exclusively on both Ford Broncos and Land Rover Defenders. They really wanted to blend the best parts of these classic vehicles with the best parts of modern tech and after 33 years as an expert automotive mechanic, Juan & his team have set out to do just that. His exclusive resto-mod method allows you to have a classic car that can be serviced by any modern mechanic without fear that the TLC your car needs will be difficult to source. 

Limitless Auto Art is a small operation, only 8 mechanics with expert skills and flawless eyes for design, so you can expect your car to be given the hands on attention it deserves inside of their 10,000 sq ft garage. Think of them like the talent art curators at The Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, but rather than restoring old art they’re transforming the original art into something even greater than your wildest dreams. 

From Limitless Auto Art you can expect a car that demands a second glance, runs like new (because technically it is), but still gives you the vintage, rugged feeling.

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